Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Infiltration from Bangladesh: A threat to national security

Illegal migration from Bangladesh is a part of ISI's proxy war against India. It's posing threat to national security. Fundamental forces based in Bangladesh have designed a plan to cut a part of Indian union and form a greater 'Islamic Bangladesh'..

by Prasenjit Chakraborty

IN 2005, the parliamentarians from different commonwealth nations assembled in London to participate in a meeting of Commonwealth Parliamentary Forum. One Member of Parliament (MP) from Bangladesh got introduced with a member of the Indian delegation team. During an informal chat between the two, the Bangladeshi parliamentarian admitted that fundamental forces based in his country have the design to cut a part of Indian union and form a greater ’Islamic Bangladesh’. The plan includes taking over of the north eastern region and West Bengal of India. The Indian MP was Kiren Rijiju, elected from Arunachal Pradesh. He disclosed this when addressing the gathering at a seminar held in Kolkata recently. Without naming the Bangladeshi leader, he said that the matter is of great concern because unabated influx from the neighbouring country has been posing a threat to the safety and sovereignty of our country.

Some may take it lightly, because the issue has been raised by the leader of a party of their dislike. But no one can deny the fact that the illegal migration from Bangladesh to India has caused a havoc in the life of indigenous people. It has almost killed rural traditional economy in some places and compelled the locals to live with adversities. The main danger of infiltration lies in national security. According to the data available, more than 55 lakhs of Bangladeshi infiltrators reside in Assam only. In West Bengal, the number is around 80 lakhs. Tripura has four lakhs Bangladeshis staying without permission.

Poor economic condition is often held responsible for the illegal emigration of people from one place to another by a section of media and intellectuals. It may be true in some parts of the world, but does not hold true for north eastern India-. Here, executing silent demographic change is an inseparable part of a proxy war launched by Pakistan against India. Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh are being used as tools for causing harm to the Indian society and the government, aiming ultimate consequence of soundless aggression. A collaboration of Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) and hardcore Islamic fundamentalist organisations of Bangladesh has made Bangladesh a production centre of jehadis for running anti-India activities. They produce, train and export them to different destinations in guise of poor villagers in search of food and work. Security personnel often get confused and can’t even imagine that these simple looking people could be a part of ISI’s terrible game plan and may generate destruction in any part on the soil of our nation.

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